The 4Cs For Building An Attractive Employer Brand

When working with my clients or engaging folks in the startup and SME space, one common question that they ask me is, “How can I better attract the right talent?”

For the smaller outfits, it may seem like a daunting task. Lack of resources, little known in the market, unstructured in the way they run things and the list goes on. Especially when they are comparing to the likes of an MNC, it always feels like a losing battle even before they engage in the fight.

But is that always the case?

One key way to start building up the level of appeal, in particular to the digital-savvy Millennials, would be to work on your EMPLOYER BRANDING!

Naturally, the next question is then, how? How do I go about doing so?

The following are the 4Cs to consider when building up your employer brand.


Clear Vision

Before spending tonnes of effort and resources on your brand, you will need to start by asking, “What do you want to be known for?”

By having the clarity of your purpose, message and proposition, you can then start considering the pieces that are required to reinforce it. In addition, this also means that you are focused on your market positioning which will put you in a better stead to stand out amongst your competition.

For a brand to be easy communicated and later, spread through word of mouth, it has to be as simple and clear as possible.



Once you have a clear picture of what you want to be known for, this is where the work starts. You will need to integrate the key message into various communication platforms such as your website, social media sites, activities, brand ambassadors etc.

Is it then a case of the more platforms the merrier? While it helps to have more channels to spread your words, you need to be mindful that without a consistent message across the various platforms, you could actually create more confusion about your brand! More cooks may spoil the broth!

The key here is to understand how you can utilize the different channels to communicate the same consistent position that you are portraying so that regardless of which touch point your candidates interacts with, they will be clear of what you stand for without a shadow of a doubt.


Rowers Rowing Boat

How do you confidently tell people about your brand? What do you need to do to ensure that every employee positions the organization is pretty much the same way?

Throughout my various consulting and speaking engagements, I’ve always advocated the importance of having an inside-out branding. This means, before you think about how you position or over-sell the organization, it is key to first look inward and ask yourself, “What are our strengths? What are we proud of?”

By identifying your unique strengths, you can then build up a coherent employee value proposition which is a critical part of your employer branding. Imagine using a profiling/assessment tool but for organizations instead of individuals. By mapping out your strengths, not only will it give you the required clarity, it also helps uncover blind spots that could impede the growth of your brand identity.



Finally, it takes a lot to build a brand.

It may be easy to identify a good message. It may be easy to find multiple channels to spread your words. It may be easy to talk about being coherent and authentic when selling your brand. But at the end of the day, it requires a sheer amount of commitment to ensure sustainability.

Keeping faith in your brand and consistently delivering your belief will be evident over time. It’s not simply about lip service but rather, it has to be a true dedication of time and resources to nurture the brand.

With that, I hope you enjoyed the short piece and wishing you all the best on your brand building journey!

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