Sam is an impressive speaker who expertly addressed senior leaders in the organization, leaving them highly impressed with his insights on attracting and retaining Gen Z talent. The recommendation is to consider Sam for any organization looking to become an employer of choice. His contribution sparked valuable discussions on both personal and company branding, leaving the audience with much to contemplate and implement.

Ashley Yeo Qianyu / People Strategy and Insights / Aurecon

Sam, a personal branding guru, coached effectively, fostering breakthrough thinking. His mentoring in Diageo’s program enhanced my content creation strategy, projecting my professional voice on LinkedIn. Highly recommend Sam and his employee branding and personal branding journeys.

Pooi-San Kok / Asia Head of Marketing / Treasury Wine Estates

Had the pleasure to work with this amazing friend of mine for several occasions now, and throughout all these working collaborations – Sam’s steadfastness, professionalism & work ethics, never failed to impress me every single time. On top of that, when it comes to the realm of HR & Employer Branding, Sam is definitely the go-to guy because he truly knows his field inside out!

Stanley Kan / Partnership & Performance Director / Seconds Media

Sam, a top HR & Employer Branding Consultant, shares expertise effectively and leads naturally. He combines expertise with leadership, promoting both employer and personal branding. I recommend him for professional and personal development.

Nia Wahyono / Sales and Product Supervisor / Rida International Travel and Tourism

Despite our brief acquaintance, collaborating with Sam has been amazing. From coffee chats to supporting his Stories of Asia venture, it’s been a delightful learning experience. He’s my top choice for workshops on employer branding and cross-cultural collaboration. Sam is a fantastic enabler, delivering positive learning and value. I look forward to more collaborations, both personally and in the corporate realm.

Shawn Tan / SVP, People & Culture / Hearts On Fire

Met Sam through a friend. He’s an HR thought leader passionate about improving workplaces. Like the Simon Sinek of Singapore, he listens with empathy, admits areas for improvement, and provides well-thought-out advice. Sam genuinely cares for people and adds value to any company’s personal branding.

Alexander Trost / Founder / ATvisor

Sam’s time at Keppel Corporation was marked by his initiative, drive, and responsiveness. We collaborated on Keppel Care Foundation and Keppel Volunteers projects, including the successful launch of Keppel Care Foundation in 2012 and an award-winning presentation for the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards. Sam played a crucial role in presenting accurate HR data in sustainability reports, ensuring timely and transparent communication with Keppel’s stakeholders.

Sue-Ann Huang / Adjunct Lecturer / Singapore Management University

Met Sam as a learner during ACTA v5 course at Institute for Adult Learning. He’s a spirited HR professional passionate about Employee Value Proposition (EVP) from extensive corporate experience and research. Quick learner, adaptable, and excelled in session facilitation, sparking learner interest. Sam is destined for ‘the big stage,’ and I wish him success with People Mentality.

Jerome Yeong / Associate Career Advisor / SIMGE

Sam, a rising HR leader, first engaged us for a values program with Keppel’s future leaders. The experience was positive and trust-building. Sam’s avid learning, curiosity, and smart questions challenge and inspire results that align with culture and objectives. His passion, hard work, and ability to foster meaningful connections make him a hot talent in HR. I’d gladly work with Sam in any organization he serves.

Avi Z Liran / Chief Delighting Officer / Delivering Delight

Sam, a leader in HR, leadership, and business management, excels in employer branding. His strategic thinking, both on the ground and at a high level, coupled with effective team management, sets him apart. What I appreciate most is Sam’s openness to collaboration, sharing valuable insights without judgment. His commitment to giving back aligns with my values, and I’m grateful for our collaboration, eagerly anticipating more opportunities ahead!

Alex Loh / Co-Founder and CEO / Actxa Wellness