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8 Key Reflections from My People Mentality Inc Journey

How time flies! It’s been a year since I founded People Mentality Inc! Throughout this year, running it has been a roller coaster ride but one that was extremely enriching. I was glad to have had the great support of many on this journey thus far that has led to the numerous success that I […]

Be the superhero you want to see

The recent box office hit, Marvel’s Black Panther, was an inspiration to many including me. Besides the usual blockbuster highlights, what stood out more was that it represented African Americans in a way that is different from the usual movies. Almost an entire cast of African Americans, having them dressed in great costumes and putting […]

Redefining the role of a HR Business Partner

It’s been just over 2 months since I “retired” from the corporate world to embark on my new career journey with People Mentality Inc., an employer branding agency. One common question that has popped up rather frequently was, “What have you been busy with since you started your business?” My answer to that, “Business Partnerships!” […]

Dear HR…Believe in yourself and get started

Dear HR, I see that the incoming wave of technology is going to threaten your existence or potentially take away your job. AI for instance, will make low value-add and administrative work in your space redundant. It may not be that intelligent just yet and is basically limited to how much information human can feed […]

Time For HR To Put On The Customer Service Hat!

Working at the world’s best airport has made me realize the importance of service excellence and providing a pleasantly surprising experience for the customers. As HR professionals in an employer branding agency, we serve internal customers too, don’t we? What are some lessons that we can learn from the service industry and apply to our […]

Human Resource: The Dumping Ground

My open letter to all Human Resource (HR) professionals who still believe in the profession: Very often, the HR department is treated as a dumping ground where “unwanted” employees are thrown in as a last resort before terminating their service. You see misfits from your various departments getting forced out of the team and in […]