Do this in interviews to grow your Employer Brand!

As the saying goes, the first impression counts!

We know as an employer branding agency, interviews are one of the key touch points to make a good impression on potential candidates. Candidates who have positive experiences during the interview process are more likely to refer others to your company and more likely to accept a job offer if one is extended.

One game-changer that we have seen work really well is providing feedback to the candidates at the end of the interview.

As simple as it sounds, it really isn’t.

Here are some tips on how to go about doing it.

  1. Show that you truly care for the candidate’s development. It doesn’t matter whether the candidate gets the job or not. You want them to leave the interview feeling positive about the experience. One way to do so is by making them feel like they matter.
  2. Make sure that your feedback is clear. This means being concise and avoiding jargon. High and corporate lingo will not add much value to the candidate, and they could leave the interview feeling more lost than anything.
  3. Provide constructive feedback, not simply criticize. There will always be areas for improvement. But don’t go in blasting candidates with all the negative comments making them feel lousy when leaving the interview. Give credit and, at the same time, share ways where they can become better the next time.
  4. Critique the behavior, not the person. For example, “you came across as nervous” rather than “you’re too nervous.” People go into defensive mode once they are targeted. You want them to know that you are being objective and not attacking them at a personal level.

While interviews are primarily focused on getting to know the candidates better, let’s also go the extra mile to help them become better. That way, you position yourself as a true employer of choice.

All the best!

This post was co-created with our Chief Content Officer, Kob-i from StoryBuddy.


Sam Neo