Monthly Archives: October 2022

The S word that you need to drive employee advocacy

We can all agree that employee advocacy is important when building your employer brand. The question is how? Many focus on doing the fancy stuff like running expensive campaigns, bringing in flashy speakers, giving attractive incentives, or relying solely on hiring an employer branding agency. While those can drive some action, it doesn’t sustain the […]

Unlimited Leave: To Implement or Not Implement?

Being an employer branding agency, we analyze employee perceptions and propensities. And unlimited leave is a growing trend in the corporate world. The idea behind it is that employees should be able to take time off when they need it, without having to worry about accruing vacation days or using up their allotted time. As […]

Do this in interviews to grow your Employer Brand!

As the saying goes, the first impression counts! We know as an employer branding agency, interviews are one of the key touch points to make a good impression on potential candidates. Candidates who have positive experiences during the interview process are more likely to refer others to your company and more likely to accept a […]