Monthly Archives: December 2017

Creating a High Impact Onboarding Program for New Managers

Based on a recent Forbes article, the level of employee engagement correlates closely with the perception of whether the employee can approach their managers with any types of questions. The higher the comfort level, the higher the engagement level and vice versa. In addition, the article also shared that 50% of the employees cited that […]

Creating the candidate experience to win the talent war

As an employer branding agency, we can see that in today’s highly competitive job market for top talents, candidate experience is one area that could potentially be a key differentiator to help organizations secure the desired piece to enable greater success in the longer term. But, what does it really mean by creating a positive […]

People Mentality HR Tech Feature Issue #5 – StaffonDemand

People Mentality Inc., an employer branding agency, will be featuring a series of HR Tech partners to share more about their background stories as well as how users can benefit from engaging them. No tool is perfect, but every one of them is unique in their own way which is where the value lies for […]