People Mentality HR Tech Feature Issue #5 – StaffonDemand

People Mentality Inc will be featuring a series of HR Tech partners to share more about their background stories as well as how users can benefit from engaging them. No tool is perfect, but every one of them is unique in their own way which is where the value lies for the various users. Find the best tools that suit your needs, mix and match based on your context and grow your business from there!

In this week’s issue of People Mentality Tech Feature, we are excited to have with us Christine Liu, Co-founder of StaffonDemand, to share her thoughts on the enterprise recruitment management system. Let’s find out a little more about the StaffonDemand story and how we can tap on its features.

Interview Summary


Sam: How did StaffOnDemand come about?

Christine: StaffOnDemand came about because we saw a huge cliff-like gap in the recruitment tech industry – We want to challenge the status quo, and help companies to easily afford a powerful enterprise recruitment management system without having to pay an exorbitant sum for it. Technology is disrupting almost every industry today, and for us, we want to make our dent in the HR / recruitment world, changing the way employers connect with talents for the better.

Sam: How did the name StaffOnDemand come about?

Christine: StaffOnDemand represents the ideal where the connection between talents and choice employers is frictionless, i.e. on demand, and we, as a recruitment technology, endeavour to bring about just that.

Sam: How did the idea of StaffOnDemand evolve along the way? Why did it transform the way it did?

Christine: As our clients scaled, they had correspondingly more complex technical needs when it comes to their recruitment processes, and to meet those demands, StaffOnDemand grew alongside with our SME clients and developed more features to help streamline their recruitment processes. In a nutshell, we took on an agile development approach where our product roadmap is very much attuned by our customers’ needs. This has worked out pretty well for us in terms of scaling and planning our direction forward.

Sam: What was the most memorable moment during this startup journey? What lessons did you learn?

Christine: One of our clients told us that one of his HR team members actually enjoyed using the system despite being not technically savvy – It was an eye-opening revelation and also a true moment of pride as we always believe that our technology should be an enabler, and not a deterrent. With that philosophy in mind, the best validation that we are working as intended is when people actually enjoy using our enterprise software to manage recruitment! J

Sam: What do you think about the HR Tech space?

Christine: I think it’s a cool space to be in (not just because we are in it!) and there’s opportunity to bring about real change to the way people work (which is huge).

Sam: Who would you recommend to use this tool?

Christine: StaffOnDemand is built to help lean HR teams to manage their recruitment process effortlessly. Teams that tend to see the greatest benefits from using StaffOnDemand are typically very lean (and multi-tasking) HR teams in fast growing SMEs that need to grow its people operations in tandem at speed.

Sam: Where can people find out more if they are interested?


Closing thoughts

Recruitment can be a long drawn process that creates a lot of pain for the parties involved. This bad experience on recruiters are often passed to candidates resulting in poor candidate experience.

Technology is here to enable us. Instead of viewing it as a threat, really, it is more of an ally to provide great support to free us up from unnecessary work while giving us the bandwidth to put our energy into high value-added work. With a system like StaffonDemand in place, recruiters can now think about optimizing the candidate experience which is key for a higher conversion rate.

Hope you enjoyed this issue of People Mentality Tech Feature and stay tuned for the next one soon.

Together we can create a better workplace for tomorrow!

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