The S word that you need to drive employee advocacy

We can all agree that employee advocacy is important when building your employer brand.

The question is how?

Many focus on doing the fancy stuff like running expensive campaigns, bringing in flashy speakers, giving attractive incentives, or relying solely on hiring an employer branding agency.

While those can drive some action, it doesn’t sustain the effort of your brand advocates.

If you are truly serious about building employee advocacy, start with this.


Make your employees feel safe and here’s how.

1)      Set clear expectations on the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to social media content.

When the guidelines are clear and consistent, employees know what’s the boundary to operate in. They are no longer afraid of making mistakes that could jeopardize their careers unnecessary.

2)      Leaders need to set an example by being the first advocates.

Show employees what is ok and set the bar for them. Don’t just throw out documents and policies. Give them something real to see and feel. You want them to respect and look up to you through your actions and in turn, follow suit.

3)      Gather feedback on how employees are feeling.

Every individual is unique. Some may feel more comfortable with certain situations compared to others. It is therefore important not to assume that everyone operates the same and by constantly gathering feedback, you understand what you can do differently to create a stronger safety net for more people.

Driving employee advocacy is a journey. And that journey begins by making everyone feel safe.

You with me?

This post was co-created with our Chief Content Officer, Kob-i from StoryBuddy.