Shining the “LAMP” on poor performance

As an HR Business Partner and employer branding agency, supporting the line managers in managing performance issues is one area that we have to deal with. That includes both rewarding good performances and, of course, tackling poor performances. When it comes to poor performance issues, they can easily frustrate the hell out of most managers […]

Is Diversity and Inclusion the big hairy monster we all perceive?

It has been an interesting 2 days where I attended a HR leadership conference as well as being invited to be part of an in-house panel discussion. One common topic that surfaced and really caught my interest was Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). In my opinion, this is an important piece that has to be championed […]

Dear HR…Believe in yourself and get started

Dear HR, I see that the incoming wave of technology is going to threaten your existence or potentially take away your job. AI for instance, will make low value-add and administrative work in your space redundant. It may not be that intelligent just yet and is basically limited to how much information human can feed […]

Winning the employee experience war with thorough onboarding

In the last issue, I shared on the importance of onboarding your talent from Day 0 before he joins the organization. In this latest piece, I’ll focus more on some employer branding agency tips that you could potentially do to differentiate your onboarding programme from the regular ones when the new hire joins on his […]

Creating a Learning Culture to Drive Business Results

I was recently invited by the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry to speak on “Creating a culture of learning”. During which, I shared my thoughts on what are the key elements required to put your organization in a better position to establish the desired learning culture as well as suggested some possible tools […]