The Journey of Talent Retention Starts From Day 0

Your appointed recruiter spends months tracking down the best candidate through LinkedIn, recruitment agencies and other hiring channels. You and your line manager take weeks to review the shortlisted candidates and thereafter, arrange to interview them. After endless rounds of interview, you finally nail down the perfect candidate that portrays the best combination of competency […]

Develop employees by helping them search within themselves

Very often, managers and HR professionals find it tough to have career conversations with employees. They find it awkward when confronted by issues relating to career decisions. Instead of providing an answer that the employees want to hear, isn’t it better for managers and HR professionals to help employees find the answer by getting them […]

Time For HR To Put On The Customer Service Hat!

Working at the world’s best airport has made me realize the importance of service excellence and providing a pleasantly surprising experience for the customers. As HR professionals in an employer branding agency, we serve internal customers too, don’t we? What are some lessons that we can learn from the service industry and apply to our […]

Delivering Business Value Through HR

I was recently invited by my mentor, Eddie Lee, to attend a WSG “Adapt and Grow” session where he shared and tickled the minds of SME HR professionals on how to be more PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE when dealing with the business side of things. It was a pretty interesting session to me being in […]

Human Resource: The Dumping Ground

My open letter to all Human Resource (HR) professionals who still believe in the profession: Very often, the HR department is treated as a dumping ground where “unwanted” employees are thrown in as a last resort before terminating their service. You see misfits from your various departments getting forced out of the team and in […]

Stop Wasting Time on Talent Retention!

When talents leave, companies fret. They start panicking about what they need to do to retain this people or at least, keep them engaged longer in hope to delay their departure from the organization. But is that what talent retention is all about?