The rise of SOCIAL RECRUITMENT: Time to reinvent how you attract talents!

Is our traditional approach towards hiring still effective? You create a nicely written job posting, find a suitable job board, post your job and then…you wait and pray for the perfect candidate to apply to your company. That is the usual approach that talent acquisition specialist in organizations adopts for most of their roles on […]

8 Key Reflections from My People Mentality Inc Journey

How time flies! It’s been a year since I founded People Mentality Inc! Throughout this year, running it has been a roller coaster ride but one that was extremely enriching. I was glad to have had the great support of many on this journey thus far that has led to the numerous success that I […]

The 4Cs For Building An Attractive Employer Brand

When working with my clients or engaging folks in the startup and SME space, one common question that they ask me is, “How can I better attract the right talent?” For the smaller outfits, it may seem like a daunting task. Lack of resources, little known in the market, unstructured in the way they run […]

HR: The Talent Investor

I’ve been constantly on a lookout for great content whether it’s through books, conversations or watching videos. Lately, I started watching Shark Tank on Netflix because of my increased interaction with business people and investors. I wanted to find out more about what they look for and also, how businesses pitch in to secure the […]

Navigating through the world of HR Tech

At the recent HR TechTank event held in Singapore, I was honoured to be invited to deliver my keynote message to a room filled with HR professionals, HR tech providers as well as investors. During which, I shared my thoughts on ways to navigate through the hyped up and crowded world of HR Tech. 1) […]

People Mentality HR Tech Feature #10 – Selfdrvn

People Mentality Inc has been featuring a series of HR Tech partners to share more about their stories as well as how users can benefit from engaging them. And guess what, we have reached our 10th feature already! In this week’s issue of People Mentality HR Tech Feature, we are excited to have with us […]

Shifting from Total Rewards to Total Value

What comes to your mind when you hear the terms “rewards” or “compensation and benefits”? Do you think of leave entitlement? Bonuses? Allowances? Perhaps insurance as well? Why does HR tend to associate rewards with only the tangible items? Is that really all that is available? As an HR practitioner, you know that you are […]

Be the superhero you want to see

The recent box office hit, Marvel’s Black Panther, was an inspiration to many including me. Besides the usual blockbuster highlights, what stood out more was that it represented African Americans in a way that is different from the usual movies. Almost an entire cast of African Americans, having them dressed in great costumes and putting […]