Planning To Audit Your Employer Brand? Here’s What You Need To Do First.

Employer branding. Most people will probably jump straight into social media and marketing activities thinking that this is what they need to build a strong employer brand.


Before you go into how you can utilize the various channels to grow your employer brand, what most people fail to do is to first begin with an EMPLOYER BRAND AUDIT.

How do you get started? Here are 5 simple steps to consider before you get started with an audit:

1) Check if you have any existing employee sentiment data points to take reference from. 

From time to time, organizations collect employee sentiments through different channels. This could be your employee engagement survey, exit interviews, performance conversations and more. Use that as the foundation to identify the hot spots and strengths of your organization. With that information, you’ll then know where to focus on and dive deeper when the audit begins.

2) Identify the different groups of employees that you can draw insights from.

In every organization, you can typically segment your employees into the following groups. The new hires vs. long tenure staff. The full time employees vs part-time employees. The older vs younger employees. Employees from different divisions or departments. The frontline vs back office employees. And more. Map out the key groups of people and categorize them to draw deeper insights from the first level findings that you have gathered previously.

3) Review the relationship and trust level between employees and HR.

In any in depth discussion, trust is a critical piece that needs to be in place. By understanding the level of trust between HR and the employees, you have a better sense of whether HR is capable of being a neutral facilitator to dive deeper into the insights that you need. Failing which, an external facilitator/consultant will be required to enable that process.

4) Understand what are the resources available to run the audit. 

Do you have enough manpower to conduct the audit in a timely and effective manner? Will it be more cost-effective to do it in-house or hire an external consultant/facilitator? These are some questions that you’ll need to ask yourself because resources are extremely precious and limited. And running a timely and effective audit is key to ensure that you uncover meaningful insights that can be utilized to build your employer brand afterward.

5) Recognize that the nature of your employees’ work will affect the way you gather their inputs for the audit.

Are your employees based in different locations? Do all of them have internet access? Are they operating on a common office hour or do they have shifts? All these are questions you need to ask yourself before determining how best you can reach out to the employees to collect the relevant information for the audit. You want to cause minimal disruption to their work while gathering the insights you require.

Closing Thoughts

Before beginning an Employer Brand Audit, these are 5 important steps to consider. After all, you want to do a meaningful audit and not simply check boxes off a checklist, isn’t it?

Are you ready to embark on your employer brand-building journey? Get started with an audit to determine what you need and how you can grow the brand.

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People Mentality Inc is a HR Consultancy firm in Singapore. Our clients include Pfizer, Great Eastern, Accenture, DHL, Samsung, Coca Cola, Keppel, Loreal, Under Armour and more. We netted the HR Rising Star 2016 award and APAC Top 10 HR & Employer Branding Consultant 2020.

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