Your Employer Brand Is Nothing Without This!


Employer branding is all about messaging!

It’s how you communicate to potential and current employees what your company is all about, what makes it a great place to work, and why they should consider working there.

That said, here are a few tips from our employer branding agency to keep in mind when crafting your employer brand messaging:

Keep it positive yet authentic.

You want your messaging to be aspirational and highlight the best aspects of working at your company. This isn’t the time to focus on negative things or try to make light of them – that will only turn potential employees off.

At the same time, your employer brand messaging should be true to who you are as a company. Don’t try to be something you’re not – it will only backfire in the long run.

Keep it simple and clear.

Your employer brand messaging should be simple, clear and concise. Avoid using industry jargon or buzzwords that people might not understand – you want everyone to be able to understand what you’re saying.

Many might try to overcomplicate matters so that their content sounds “sophisticated”. But remember this, if it is not simple enough to understand, it will not be consistent and in turn, difficult to advocate.

Highlight what makes you unique.

Don’t simply try to be like another well-known brand. Understand what sets your company apart from others in your industry? Why should someone come work for you instead of one of your competitors? Make sure this comes through loud and clear in your employer brand messaging. Be the one and only you, not the next Google or Facebook.

Appeal to emotion.

Your employer brand message should evoke some kind of emotion in the reader – whether it’s excitement, happiness, pride, or anything else. If it doesn’t make them feel anything, they’re likely to move on brand is how you communicate your company’s values to the world. Stories are one great way to help drive emotions and it’s what sets you apart from other businesses and attracts top talent.

And it all starts with messaging.

This article was brought to you by best HR and Employer Branding Consultant in Singapore, People Mentality Inc, and co-created with our Chief Content Officer, Kob-i from StoryBuddy