3 Things Leaders Need To Do To Grow The Employer Branding

Employer branding is an HR department’s job! 

Or so they say. Who’s truly in charge of the employer brand then? Well, if we want to be factual about it? Everyone!

One key group of people that can impact the Employer Brand big time is actually your LEADERS.

The following are 3 roles that they can play to grow the Employer Brand.

1) The Captain

Just like the captain of a ship, the leader needs to provide a clear direction for all employees in such troubled times. 

During this period of crisis, employees are exceptionally worried about many things – Job security. Health. Family. Income. And more.

To create stability and provide some sort of normalcy for them, leaders need to show that they are steering the organization in the right direction. They need to create some sort of psychological assurance for employees.

With that, employees will then feel that this is an organization that they can trust and focus on delivering their best possible effort. Not only does this help to create better outcomes internally, external stakeholders/candidates will also view the organization as a united body which is an important aspect of building a strong perceived employer brand.

2) The CareGiver


This is one word that has repeatedly been mentioned in articles, focus groups, surveys, and other platforms when people are interviewed on what they expect from leaders. What does it mean? Essentially, it tells you that employees want leaders to care for them.

As a leader, the 2nd role you need to play at such times is that of a caregiver. It’s not so much about the resources you put in nor is it the type of initiatives. What’s more important is the sincerity that your employees need to feel. Are you showing that you truly care about them or is it only done because you have to do it?

Also, it goes back to the messaging. A big part of employer branding, both internally and externally, is how you message things effectively. The timing, way you do things and approach in communication will make a difference in the way employees perceive your intention.

When you care, they can tell. And that goes a long way for your employer brand.

3) The Storyteller

Finally, leaders need to tell great stories.

As the saying goes, “Facts tell, stories sell”. In such times where bad news has become more of a norm, some elements of positive are what the workplace needs. Stories are a powerful tool to enable that emotional connection to convey a positive message.

Leaders need to shift their focus from conveying numbers and facts to sharing engaging stories that can influence the energy level of the employees. In addition, such stories are also powerful in shaping external perceptions. 

It makes the organization human. It makes the organization real. It makes the organization authentic.

Those are valuable elements that people look for when considering an organization as an Employer of Choice.

Closing Thoughts

Leaders play an important role in growing the Employer Branding of an organization. The 3 roles mentioned are what leaders can consider adopting in such times to impact not only the external perception but also the internal engagement.

Are you ready to take on those roles?


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  1. Sir Vady says:

    First of allow me to express my sincere thanks for your sharing knowledge of Employer Branding but may I suggest if you can provide some examles in each of your point.
    Thank you.

    • Sam Neo says:

      Thanks for taking time to read this article. In fact, all the pointers mentioned were consolidated from discussions with senior leaders in the region alongside my experience working with clients. Stay tuned for more content and examples. Cheers!

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